Starbucks maintains its grip on coffee lovers, but local coffee shops have opportunities to stand out.

By Fiorella Riccobono, Communications Manager

Starbucks continues to dominate coffee culture as local cafes struggle to survive a pandemic economy. …

But Americans are more likely to be concerned about COVID and its variants than their U.K. counterparts.

By Maury Blackman, CEO, Premise Data

A recent survey by data collection company Premise in the U.S. and the U.K. found that Americans were nearly twice as likely to not have received a…

Premise offers an agile solution that provides real-time, photographic insights into what’s happening in specific markets around the world.

By Matt Lindner, Senior Content Marketing Manager

Data drives innovation and improvements at the micro and macro levels of every organization.

Modern data collection requires three key elements:

  • Speed. The pace…

By Ted Pardee, Chief Revenue Officer, Premise Data

ESGs provide companies with the knowledge and tools to become purpose-driven business leaders in their discipline.

We explore how companies can use crowd empowerment to drive change and examine why purpose-driven businesses are particularly well-positioned to tackle the world’s biggest problems. …

Shoppers are going to spend more on back-to-school products this year. Premise can help retail businesses ensure they’re ready to ace this test.

By Matt Lindner, Senior Content Marketing Manager

The back-to-school shopping season is in full swing. Retail businesses that are trying to make the transition back to school…

Premise is committed to promoting media literacy around the world through providing tasks on building media literacy skills that are both engaging and informative.

By Samantha Hubner, Senior Consultant

Media literacy is an increasingly prevalent issue that impacts how people interpret information and perceive the world around them.

The spread…

A Premise Data survey of people who live in apartments in the United States shows that people are becoming more aware of their living conditions.

By Fiore Riccobono, Communications Manager

As the country continues to mourn the tragic loss of life in a condo building collapse in Surfside, Fla., …

Premise data shows the complexities of vaccine hesitancy and the leading indicators of the next COVID outbreak.

By Mike Strauss, Director of Asia-Pacific

Premise has been collecting data in more than 100 countries to understand pandemic concerns and the changes communities have undertaken to manage COVID-19.

One trend we’ve been…

Creating more effective solutions for our clients leveraging tools in the Google Cloud to perform high speed geospatial data calculations.

By Theo Reuter, Geospatial Data Scientist

Premise demographic data displaying the Philippines by province the percentage of population that primarily speak Filipino/Tagalog

A key aspect of Premise as a crowd empowered platform is the geospatial data that we collect from around the world. This data has…

Annalise spent just under two years serving in the Peace Corps as a Community Economic Development Volunteer.

By Matt Lindner, Senior Content Marketing Manager

Premise’s growth is being driven by employees that bring a diverse array of backgrounds and skills to our company.

Every year, thousands of people join the…

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