Premise App Updates Improve Overall Contributor Experience

Just-released updates to the app make it easier for Contributors to make more money through the Premise app.

By Matt Lindner, Senior Content Marketing Manager

Premise recently updated our app to make it easier for Contributors to find tasks.

Here’s why — Our Contributor and our customer base are growing, particularly on the commercial side of the business in the United States. That means our Product team is busy refining and improving the overall Contributor experience.

The Problem

More tasks means more opportunities for Contributors to make more money using our app. That’s a good problem for us to have, but it can also pose a challenge to Contributors. We needed to make our app more user-friendly by helping Contributors find tasks quicker.

What’s New: Introducing Search Functionality

Removing friction has always been a priority for us. From a task marketplace, that’s exactly what our latest app upgrades on both iOS and Android do — Reduce the amount of time it takes for you as a Contributor to find the tasks you want to complete.

For instance, we’ve made it easier for Contributors to find tasks by introducing an in-app search feature. Survey, Locate, and Explore tasks will now show up in the same list of search results when a Contributor types in a specific search term.

For example, typing in Target into the search bar will show you all tasks that involve going to a Target.

Did you really enjoy tasks that involved finding beer? Good news! You can search for “beer” or “road construction” or any other task that you enjoyed completing in the past and see what’s available in a matter of seconds.

One other neat feature about these updates is that Contributors don’t have to manually enter the same keywords in the search bar every single time. The new-and-improved Premise app will show Contributors up to 10 of their most recent searches, thus creating temporary bookmarks. This will save Contributors time when it comes to finding the tasks they want to complete while doing the tasks they want on their time.

What This Means

Contributors will now have an even better and more convenient experience using our mobile app. The amount of time it takes for a Contributor to find and complete a task has been reduced significantly, allowing Contributors to complete more tasks quicker if they so choose.

Ready to start earning money while you run your errands? Download our mobile app on iOS or Android today.



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